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Explore the Gold Coast Hinterland

Cougal Cascades

Just a 30minute drive into the hinterland you will find a well known beautiful spot, with a short 10 minute easy walk winding around lush rainforest streams. This location is best visited after the rain or rainy season with fresh rainforest water spilling through the streams. 

This one is a very gentle walk for families with even the youngest adventurers in tow. With multiple little rock pools to cool off, rock hop and have a picnic along the way. 

- Always remember to pack insect repellent when visiting rainforest locations.
- Hinterland locations are often lacking in cell phone service so be prepared to unplug for a couple of hours to be present with the family
- Set your navigation before you leave. 
- Dry season can leave streams less clean and stagnant.

Twin Falls

The Twin Falls track is a 4km circuit and is very popular for families, located just past the town of Springbrook. The track in fairly steep down hill with stairs on the way down and only takes roughly 15minutes to reach the bottom of the waterfall, passing through some interesting rock clefts along the way. Once you reach the bottom you can walk behind the waterfall and stay dry or you can also get right under the fresh water of the falls to call off. At the bottom of the falls there is also the large rock pool to have a swim in, watch your footing as large rocks line the bottom of it. The heat in summer does get intense so it's always good to bring towels just incase you feel like a spontaneous dip.

To hike back up you can either continue around the rest of the circuit where there is another waterfall curtain to walk behind or you can choose the shorter route and walk back up the hill the way you came. Either way the circuit is a great family trip with lots to see and impressive photo opportunities along the way. 

- In summer the tracks can get extremely humid so remember sunscreen, hat, bathers, towel and water bottles. 
- Tied shoes that can get dirty are most appropriate for the track.
- Phone reception may not work in some areas of the track.
- Parking can be busy on holidays and weekends so you may sometimes have to park along the street.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls

Twin Falls

Twin Falls

Farm & Co Kingscliffe

When the sunflowers are in bloom Farm & Co Kingscliffe is the perfect little family lunch trip. With the ability to bring your own picnic and sit amongst the sunflower fields or buy lunch meals such as burgers, salads and smoothies at the fresh produce cafe looking over the fields. Not only can you pick your own sunflowers but they also have their own organic produce for sale aswell. With the farms location towards the back of Kingscliffe you could make it a day trip and stop in at crystal clear Cudgen Creek or Kingscliffe beach for a dip afterwards. 

- There is a $5 entry fee into the sunflower fields as this helps to keep the farm running. The entry fee in not required to enter the cafe though. 
- In the right season predominantly mid year thousands of fresh macadamias ripen and fall to the ground amongst the farm which you can also crack open and munch on while you are visiting. 
- There are farm animals for viewing.
- It can get hot out there so bring a hat.
- The farm is open from 7:30am - 2:30pm daily

For more information visit their website:

Farm & Co

Farm & Co

Farm & Co

Ocean Look-outs

The perfect end to a full on day out on the coast is a picnic and drinks while watching the soft colours of fairy floss skies over the ocean. Your own balcony and beachfront here at SH will produce the goods in the evenings but if you are looking for a change of scenery here is a list of our favourite viewing points along the coast from closest to farthest, to watch the sunset and moonrise. 

Burleigh Hill - Live music on Sundays (5 minute drive) Most popular*
North Burleigh Look-out Miami (7 minute drive)
Point Danger Coolangatta (15 minute drive)
Fingal Head Lighthouse - NSW (25 minute drive)
Byron Bay Lighthouse - NSW (1 hour drive)

- Don't forget a jacket in the winter and a light cardigan in summer as it can get breezy in the evenings. 

Sunset at Kirra Beach

Sunset in Palm Beach

Sunset Miami Lookout

Sunset at North Burleigh Hill

Local's favourite swimming and Learn to surf locations

Tallebudgera Creek
Both sides of the creek are perfect swimming for families. Our personal favourite is swimming on the hill side when the tide is high. This location is better when the tide is high as the water is often crystal clear during the full tide. If you venture along to the mouth of the creek there are often gentle baby waves rolling in, perfect for kids learning to surf in a really safe location. 

Cudgen Creek, Kingscliffe (NSW)
Located not very far over the border Cudgen Creek is a great place for families to explore. The creek is notorious for sea life such as sea turtles and the occasional pod of dolphins making their way into the creeks crystal clear waters. It's a perfect spot for stand up paddling and kayaking as well as families often participating in bridge jumping which is great fun also. 

Currumbin Alley
Currumbin Alley is the best location on the coast for all ages to learn to surf. With surf positions for all abilities absoloute beginners can begin on the inside gentle waves while intermediate and advanced surfers can head out the back into the bigger sets. When the bay is at full tide there is a huge shallow area for kids to swim and play, which is extremely popular with families. Currumbin Alley has multiple surf schools set up within the car park, you can virtually walk in and book a surf class on the spot with classes begining hourly from early morning till evening. If surfing isnt your thing it is also a great family spot with both surf and still water swimming within the one location, particularly great at high tide. This spot gets popular so arriving nice and early is recommended. Currumbin Alley is definitely one of our favourites for the whole family.  

Kirra Beach
Kirra Beach is another gentle spot for surfing and swimming. With long rolling waves it becomes a longboarders dream. The beach often forms tide pools at low tide and has gentle waves close to shore for young swimmers. Kirra beach also contains a reef roughly 200m from shore. On clear days with high water visibility, people often swim with flippers or paddle on boards to go snorkeling over the reef which contains many sea turtles, spotted rays and schools of fish. With so many activties Kirra is a great place to explore. 

Greenmount Beach
Greenmount beach at Coolangatta is a great family beach with gentle rolling waves at both high and low tide. At low tide the water leaves a long shallow section roughly thigh to hip height with calm waves that roll into the shore producing a perfect spot for kids learning to surf and boogie board. The surf break out the back is also gentle most of the year with insanely long rides from Rainbow bay to Greenmount for intermediate to advanced surfers. The waters at Greenmount are most crystal clear for spotting fish swimming amongst the shallow surf break making this beautiful location one of our favourite spots for the whole family. 

Rainbow Bay 
Rainbow bay is the pinnacle beach of Coolangatta only a 15minute drive from Surfers Horizons, Rainbow Bay is worth a visit and is home to the annual Quiksilver & Roxy pro World surfing title events that is held on the Gold Coast usually at the begining of the year. Rainbow Bay is just around the corner from Greenmount and is equally as calm with waves for the whole family. Close to shore the shallow waters produce rolling baby waves that are fantastic for kids and families to swim. Out the back there are great longboarding waves where you can jump on a wave and ride it all the way to Greenmount beach. This beach is notorious for its long rides and is a favourite by many because of it. Towards the hill there is also an amazing lookout which is located on the right side of the beach and looks out to sea towards the NSW coast. This is a spectactular vantage point to grab fish and chips and spot whales breaching during migration seasons.

The Pass Byron Bay (NSW)

Byron Bay is a laid back coastal town with a hippie vibe and is one of the best day trips you can take while staying on the Gold Coast with lots to explore over the NSW border. There is a beautiful coastal walk from Byron Bay light house where you can spot dolphins and marine life more often than not frolicking in the bay. As for swimming the pass Byron Bay is again another gentle family beach great for riding long waves and gentle shallow waters. The Pass is an absoloute favourite for both locals and travellers alike. 

Reminders regarding all swimming destinations: 
- Parking can be more difficult on school holidays and weekends so aim to venture out by 7am or toward the afternoon for your best chance at a quick park.
- If heading out during the peak time of day, consider parking in back streets or other streets close to the destination in order to avoid waiting on a park. 

Snorkeling over Kirra Reef

Schools of fish at Kirra

Swimming at Tallebudgera Creek

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