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Currumbin Alley is a hugely popular location for learning to surf for all ages. The surf schools generally have so many classes running and start roughly every hour in the morning and afternoon, every day of the week.

Click on the links below which will take you to a range of learn to surf schools that are located at the Alley. Hire of boards, wetsuits and rash guards are all included for every lesson. 

Currumbin Alley Surf School
Surf Easy Surf School
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Kirra Point Surf School

Kirra beach also has a beatifully gentle wave for beginners with a wider space for learning and less general beach goers than at the Alley.

James at Kirra Point Surf School has a great set up on Kirra beach and is extremely knowledgeable on surfing and the ocean. Ensuring to pay close attention to each member of his class, progressing his students and building on tips and technique as they go along.

His surf school is relatively smaller but with greater space to spread out the classes can be fantastic value for money in terms of progression, time in the waves and student to teacher ratio. We have had really great experiences with his surf school as he is really attentive to the kids participating. 


Surf Lesson

Surf Lesson

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Kids Surf Lesson

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Whale Watching and Swim With Humpback Whale Tours

The Gold Coast certainly isn't short of wildlife experiences. Listed below are our top picks for whale watching and whale swimming tours.

From our experience during whale season, every tour is guaranteed to view humpback whales frolicking with their calves, a few hundred meters off the coastline. The dilemma is however, whether you spend the extra money for your chance to swim with these incredible marine mammals.

The pros of the swim tours are that you will almost certainly come across whales and view them frolicking on the surface however these giant animals can be fast moving and can sometimes dive deep, making it hard to maintain a pace with them while in the water.

However it seems on other days the whales stick around to play and swim with tour groups. The success of this experience all depends on
the mammals that are present on that day and time and will often become sheer luck more then anything.

Either way you go about interacting with these beautiful marine animals you will not be dissapointed spending time out in the ocean's of the Gold Coast!

Spirit of Gold Coast
Sea World Cruises
Cooly Eco Adventure Tours
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Whale Watching

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Whale Swim

Whale Swim

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